Look at the following scenario: Gurley lined up at running back, Verrett at cornerback, and Todd Gurley at running back again. Can the Rams’ offense really survive that type of front seven?

Although the first scenario isn’t ideal, look at how the offensive line  played when the Rams ran that same play. With an all-out effort from the offensive line, it helped make Gurley and Verrett both one of the better receiving threats in the NFL.

Now, consider the same situation with the Rams running game without that type of offensive line. Without the protection of the defensive line or the run blocking ability of the linemen, Todd Gurley Jr. would have trouble gaining extra yards on offense  that lacks a proven downfield threat.

Well, just like his brother, the Rams can hope that their young stars will end up being the next Adrian Peterson, but they have to do it together. Instead of relying on their brotherly bond to carry them through their NFL careers, they’ll need to run the same show as the Patriots and Broncos do and then learn from the Legion of Boom.