You may also remember that Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots lost to the Steelers in Super Bowl XLVI and the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, and there was much talk of the effect that the influence of the brothers of those two teams had on the outcome of those games. The reason for that is that the Patriots and Broncos were teaming up in a running game that was truly unmatched in today’s NFL. So when they teamed up, they ran circles around  the other teams.

We also saw a similar situation with the Patriots and the Steelers in Super Bowl XLVI, when the Patriots brought their power running game to a grinding halt with the addition of Roger Craig and Wade Bowie. Yet the Steelers, who featured former Vikings RB Michael Tucker, made sure to pound the ball at every opportunity. That’s the reason why the  were never able to put any points on the board and where they eventually fell short of winning the Super Bowl.

Difference between Reggie Bush and Nick Verrett

The most obvious example of this today is the difference between Reggie Bush and Nick Verrett. Bush is a star running back in the NFL who has run for over 1,000 yards in each of the past three seasons and is arguably the best all-around running back in the NFL.

Nick Verrett is a star corner who’s become a first-team All-Pro as a result of his excellent play at the position. This is true despite the fact that he missed  the entire 2020 season due to a torn ACL suffered as a senior in high school.

Each of these young stars from the AFC West to represent  the future of the Los Angeles Rams. In fact, many observers say that the two Gurley brothers can both be the next Adrian Peterson, but at a much younger age. They’re both physically gifted with great speed and agility, and possess very rare length and explosiveness.